And It Begins!

When I was living in New York City, I encountered at least two to three young ladies a month who had moved from the middle of nowhere to Manhattan so that they could be Carrie Bradshaw and write about dating.  Inevitably these sad souls  would wind up living with four Craigslist roommates, paying two grand a month in rent for a shared studio apartment in Harlem and waitressing.  This is not that situation.  For one, I am not trying to be some dimwitted fictional sex writer from HBO. For another, I live in my parent’s house in Orange County. Which is much less pathetic.

I decided to start this blog after a number of online dating escapades in Southern California left me no choice.  Yes, online dating, and let’s just get this out of the way now because some people have really judgmental opinions about it.  But this is a tough area, geographically.  You basically have your choice between the Viagra Brigade (men 55+ with small penis sports cars) and the unemployed surfers with heroin addictions.  Where am I supposed to find a cute, smart guy?  The physics section of the Cal State library?  I actually tried that last April and they were all Pakistani and barely cleared my chin.

Online dating works for me in that I either meet a decent guy (there have been some), or a complete lunatic which inevitably yields an amazing story. A blog is also an easier way for my best friends on the East Coast to get the latest horror story.  The current mode of information sharing is thousand-word texts to my best friend at 1 AM which often aren’t seen until the next day due to the time difference, when I have to explain what “on date w willy wonka” or “stuck tongue in my mouth when it was full of salad” means.

Stay tuned for some (hopefully) funny tales of my attempts at navigating the dating scene, living at home in my thirties, and trying to stay sane.
Cheers and Happy Holidays!


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